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Silvipar expands plantations at full speed of 60 ha per day, equivalent to 120 football fields.

After a decade of preparations, the SilviPar plantation expansion has now started with full speed. We are now planting 60 ha per day, equivalent to 120 football fields. Almost 500 people are working in our plantation operations and the jobs are created in rural areas where they are needed the most. In 4 years from now we will have planted over 45,000 ha and 50,000,000 trees, and set aside 15 000 ha for restoration and conservation purposes.

The trees are planted on degraded cattle grazing land and will capture over 13,500,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. It is almost hard to believe that in 8 years these trees will be over 34 m high and with a diam of over 25 cm. This is the result of ten years of dedicated development work by the SilviPar team and a close cooperation with a group of exceptional contractors.


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