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Community Benefits

Our Path to Social Prosperity

Our project aims to generate 3,000 direct jobs and 30,000 total employment opportunities over its lifetime.

Silvipar is pioneering the establishment of a comprehensive socio-economic ecosystem around the forestry sector in Paraguay. 

Our plantations are located in Itapua, Missiones, and Caazapa provinces, areas with high poverty rates and a young population. Traditional industries offer limited jobs marked by seasonality and low job security.

The project brings wealth and opportunities to these regions, already creating over 900 jobs with potential for a 15x increase compared to traditional sectors like cattle ranching and agriculture.

SilviPar ensures respect, fair and ethical treatment for employees, local communities, and stakeholders across our operations, firmly committed to preventing human rights violations. 


We prioritize local employment and invest in infrastructure and training for sustainable forestry practices, ensuring consistent year-round employment and skill development.

Our operations are audited annually by an external party for compliance with principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Contractors working for SilviPar are subject to stringent regular internal audits, to ensure that health and safety requirements are met.

No land belonging to or managed by indigenous peoples is planted or will become part of SilviPar’s plantations. SilviPar evaluates, respects and upholds the legal and customary rights of indigenous peoples in the areas it is operating. 

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