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Astarte Capital Partners and SilviPar AB close inaugural Impact Forestry Fund at $325m

London, 15th April 2024

Astarte Capital Partners LLP (“Astarte”) a real assets investment firm headquartered in London and Silvipar AB (“SilviPar”) a forestry development and management company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, announce today the final close of their inaugural Silvipar Astarte Impact Forestry Fund (“SAIFF”) at $325.3 million. With an initial target of $200 million, SAIFF was significantly oversubscribed. Drawing investors from over 25 countries across five continents, it is shaping to be among the largest and most diverse institutional capital pool ever assembled for investment in Paraguay.

At its closing size, SAIFF is targeting a portfolio of more than 80,000 hectares with the intention of planting approximately 60 million trees and creating 3,000 direct and 30,000 indirect jobs in a part of the world that has so much to offer with respect to natural capital investments. This portfolio is aimed to generate strong financial returns for investors combined with significant volume of carbon removal estimated in excess of 18 million tonnes of carbon sequestration. Based on the fund’s voluntary and legal sustainability commitments, more than 25% of the land is permanently protected for conservation purposes, driving significant ecosystem benefits including the creation of what is today the largest private grassland conservation park in Paraguay.

Teresa Farmaki, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Astarte Capital Partners said:

“We are thrilled to announce the successful closure of our forest fund, significantly surpassing our target expectations! This achievement reflects not only the confidence investors have placed in our vision but also their recognition for our strong commitments to environmental and social stewardship. Each dollar invested is being translated into tangible impact, supporting local communities, safeguarding biodiversity, and combating climate change. We celebrate this achievement as an important milestone for our team as well as a powerful example of how sustainable investments can combine economic prosperity, ecosystem benefits and social equity.”

Martin Forsen Chairman of SilviPar AB said:

“We are delighted to announce the final closure of SAIFF, exceeding our anticipated targets. This achievement not only highlights the unwavering confidence our investors have shown in our objectives but also represent our shared commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable growth. In a world increasingly cognizant of the need for biodegradable and sustainable alternatives, wood emerges as the premier choice among biobased materials, poised to supplant conventional, fossil-based resources. By adhering to the highest international sustainability standards in forest and land management, we are not only nurturing local communities and preserving the environment but also cultivating one of the most competitive and sustainable products on a global scale.”

About Astarte Capital Partners

Astarte is an investment firm focusing on sustainable real assets across Europe and North America, primarily in mid-market opportunities within the areas of natural capital, energy transition and infrastructure. Astarte provides access for institutional capital in specialist areas of real assets that are supported by the major macroeconomic themes, such as climate change mitigation, demographic

shifts, resource efficiency and technology evolution. The firm’s main investment strategy is to act as strategic investor and anchor capital to emerging managers and thematic investment platforms that can demonstrate strong track record and growth potential in their specific asset class. Astarte brings over 300 years of asset management and investment fund formation experience with a strategy of working closely with and institutionalizing operating teams. Astarte is registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority and files with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as an exempt reporting adviser.

About SilviPar AB

SilviPar is a forest development company with a focus on creating and managing environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable forest assets in one of the world's best suited locations, Paraguay. The team has a broad and long experience from working in the forest industry globally and has implemented several international best practice forestry projects, creating not only sustainable materials and good returns but also sequestering carbon and generating benefits to the local populations.


Astarte Capital Partners LLP

Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London SW3 6RD, United Kingdom


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