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The Project





Total Project Area

18 million

Estimated Emissions Removals

total Jobs

Created by Project

of Land

Under Protection and Conservation

SA Impact Forestry Fund (SAIFF), a collaboration between Astarte Capital Partners and SilviPar's parent company in Sweden, stands as one of the largest and most diverse institutional capital pools ever assembled for investment in Paraguay, and one of the largest worldwide for carbon sequestration.

This initiative supports the development of premium forestry assets in Paraguay, creating lasting environmental and social benefits by leveraging SilviPar's local expertise and the management team's global experience.

With strong sponsor commitment and an established seed asset, SAIFF surpassed its initial target of $200 million, closing at $325 million in April 2024. The project attracts investors from over 25 countries across five continents, all adhering to top ESG, asset management, and reporting standards.

Astarte Logo

Astarte Capital Partners is an asset management firm focused on sustainable real asset sectors, acting as anchor investor and partner to specialist emerging managers.

As an active investment advisory firm building multiple sustainable investment platforms, we are strongly committed to investment strategies that deliver positive societal impact and promote environmental sustainability. 

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