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About SilviPar

Growing a Greener Future

We are Silvipar

Established in 2013, SilviPar SA focuses on sustainable forestry in Paraguay.


In 2021, SilviPar partnered with Astarte Capital Partners to launch the SA Impact Forestry Fund (SAIFF), aimed at securing investment for the expansion of its forestry assets.

Supported by investors committed to high sustainability standards, the collaboration underscores SilviPar's dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility, advancing regional development through sustainable forestry initiatives.

Silvipar Sustainable Forestry, in Paraguay.

Key Facts

Silvipar Sustainable Forestry, in Paraguay.


  • 80,000 hectares sustainably managed at full scale

  • 25% of land a natural reserve zone, supporting biodiversity

  • >700,000 hectares suitable land for planting in the region

Silvipar Sustainable Forestry, in Paraguay.


  • 3,000 full time local jobs expected to be created

  • >30,000 total jobs created in the region

  • Providing top-quality training and education

Silvipar Sustainable Forestry, in Paraguay.


  • >18,000,000 tons total CO2 sequestration target

  • 60+ ETP species monitored & protected

Meet the Team

The Silvipar team has deep expertize in developing large-scale forestry projects globally, and in implementing international best practices for social and environmental businesses. 


Our experience spans many decades and geographies such as Paraguay, Brazil, Mozambique, Chile, Laos, Sweden, Russia and Canada.


More than 9,000,000 hectares of forests have been developed and managed by our members.

SilviPar Staff
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