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Building the foundation for the most impactful and sustainable forestry industry in the world.

We are Silvipar

As the global demand for biodegradable and sustainable products increases, wood is the number one alternative among biobased materials to replace conventional, fossil-based raw materials.


Silvipar's mission is to set high and new sustainability standards in forestry, and to be the preferred supplier of wood for the solid wood and pulp industry.


We are managing our forest and land with the highest international standards for sustainability, supporting local communities and caring for the environment.  We have also managed to have one of the lowest production costs of pulp and veneer/saw logs and as a result we have one of the most competitive and sustainable products globally.

Silvipar in Numbers

Planted Area



Afforested and sustainably managed of which 25% exclusively dedicated to restoration of biodiversity


14+ million

Tons of CO  e


Sequestred throughout the life of the investment




Created providing high-quality employment to local populations & resulting in zero unemployment in the region


SilviPar is committed to manage and develop its business in an environmental, social and economically sustainable manner. We believe that a well-balanced sustainable management creates real and long-lasting value for investors, benefiting local societies and the environment.

Therefore, SilviPar has implemented international best practice for commercial social and environmental management in the company.  SilviPar is FSC   (License Code FSC®/FSC-C160805 and ISO 9000 certified and is applying Verra's VCS and CCB certification (expected in 2023).


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Who we are

The growing global middle-class population is driving a large increase in the demand of biodegradable materials.


This increase is seen in packaging material, furniture, toiletpaper, textiles and more, and will add up to a net worth of wood fiber, in spite of smaller demand for newsprints.


Such a net growth requires continuous addition of a new timber source the size of the current US wood supply, in order to meet global demand.

This is why we founded Silvipar. We are meeting this wood fiber shortage with sustainable and rewarding forest management in one of the world's best suited locations for new wood fiber bases.

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